Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young
people to realize the power of their own voices.

The 2002 - 2003 Season

The 2002 - 2003 Season



Pieces of Life

By Students of the YPT Community Writes! Program

Directed by Nick Olcott


Jessica Alvarez
Shaina Alvarez
Angelica Amaya
Jenyfer Arevalo
Andy Ayala
Darrell Barr
Ashley Blackmon
Edwin Borreto
Evelyn Chappell
Eric Cisneros
Jamese Easley
Jessica Guzman
Mishell Hernandez
Philip Hunyh
Noemi Juarez
Josue Lopez
Reaiah McLean
Timothy McLean
Palesa Motshidi
Khanhmi Nguyen
Kevin Oliver
Anthony Perkins
Aaron Quattlebaum
Alba Romero
Ronald Romero
Arletha Smith
Deonte Smith
Jasmyn Smith
Merari Soto
Maesis Ventura
Raven White
Semiyah White
Tyler White
Dalane Yates


          Michael Bobbitt
          Andrea Chudnow
          Matt Conner
          Talia Segal
          Rachael Webb
          Maya Martin
          Korinne Loynes
          Brian Thorne


Carnegie Institution of Washington

Journey from Page to Stage

September 2, 2002


 The Human Cannonball

            By Yesenia Nunez

 Against the Truth

            By Judy Torres


            By Zainep Mahmoud

 Friendship: The Wonka Wonka Cool Girls Club

            By Cecelia Jenkins


Mando Alvarado
Ricardo Evans
Jonathan Hafner
Rahaleh Nassri
Patricia Penn
Nader Tavangar
Dawn Ursula

             Production Director         Cheryl Collins

The 2002 Youth or Dare Tour

Fall 2002

Arden and Tetrah

By Keith Andrews, School Without Walls


By Zainep Mahmoud, Banneker Academic

Friendship: The Wonka Wonka Cool Girls Club

By Cecilia Jenkins, Duke Ellington High School


By Shuk-Kuen Chiu, Bell Multicultural High School

Against The Truth

By Judy Torres, Bell Multicultural High School

The Bathroom

By Lucy Witt, Wilson Senior High School

From Da Bricks to Wall Street

By Aaron Boose and Johnny Burton, Wilson Senior High School

When Georgia Comes Home

By Paloma Ellis, Fillmore Arts Center


Ian Allen
Keith Bridges
Abel Lopez
Jennifer Nelson  
Tom Prewitt
Janet Stanford
Karen Zacarias


          Mando Alvarado
          Ricardo Evans
          Jonathan Hafner
          Rahaleh Nassari
          Patricia Penn
          DaRonn Ross
          Dawn Ursula

Youth Ink: The Power of Playmaking

Presented by Young Playwrights Theater and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company


          Tom Prewitt


          Kennedy Center AFI Theater
New In Town
By Cherise Alexander
By Monet Belle
Lazy Eye
By Carlos Ticas
The Decision
By Jazzy Wright