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2010 Express Tour

The 2010 Express Tour Plays

The following plays will be performed in the Fall 2010 Tour.


The Good Neighbor

Written with community members throughout Greater Washington, and produced in collaboration with the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless program

Directed by David Snider

Explore issues of homelessness and how we as a community can address them in this new, interactive play, produced in collaboration with the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless program, and written with hundreds of youth and adults throughout the DC region.


The Bird of One Thousand Colors 

By the students of Bancroft Elementary School, Washington, DC

Directed by Randy Baker


See how a community of magical birds can teach us something about our humanity in this new take on an old fable, as re-imagined by a classroom of fourth grade students.


Love, Math and Martians Don’t Mix

By Cassidy Boomsma, Swanson Middle School, Arlington, VA 

Directed by Patrick Torres


Originally produced in the 2010 New Play Festival, this original comedy by Cassidy Boomsma invites us to relish the power of friendship to overcome bullying.


Express Tour 2010 Rehearsal Photo Album

On October 25, 2010, YPT’s Express Tour officially went on the road. The slideshow below features photos of a dress rehearsal of the plays performed for one of the playwrights, Cassidy Boomsma, who wrote "Love Math and Martians Don’t Mix."

Click on the image to view details for any photo. You can also view all of our photo albums on our main photo page.

Photos by Liza Harbison.

15th Birthday Party

YPT is currently celebrating its 15th birthday! We kicked off the party with the Express Tour Showcase this weekend.

Click on the image to view details for any photo. You can also view all of our photo albums on our main photo page.

Photos by Liz Lynch and Liza Harbison.

2009 Express Tour Plays

The following plays were performed in the Spring 2009 Tour. Each was written by students in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program.  Elementary schools will see the first three plays, while Middle Schools and High Schools will watch some combination of the following four plays.


My Dream, Marian’s Dream

By the students of Ferebee-Hope
Elementary School

Directed by Jennifer Nelson

My Dream, Marian’s Dream dramatizes the events surrounding Marian Anderson’s historic performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Students from Ferebee Hope Elementary school in SE Washington, DC wrote about Marian Anderson’s courageous performance and expressed how her story inspires their own dreams of success, peace and understanding.
My Dream Marians Dream

Ally in Blunderland

By Sophie ReVeal

Directed by Mary Hall Surface

Ally’s a hardworking student who excels in school, sports, everything! But when she runs too fast and falls down a rabbit hole during a soccer game, her adventures in Blunderland teach her that maybe she should slow down, stop to smell the roses every once in a while and learn to enjoy the everyday wonders…of home. 

Mom and Mr. Nachos

By Luis Hernandez

Directed by Abel Lopez

Mr. Nachos is a little different from everyone else in school. First, he’s actually made of nachos. Second, he’s chased by some really mean bullies who always try to eat him. And third, his Mom is a secret black belt in karate….what? See in this fun and whacky adventure how a son and his mom can triumph over any adversity---even the meanest bullies on the block. 

Choosing Change 

By the students of Oak Hill Academy

Directed by David Andrew Snider

In collaboration with the students of Oak Hill Academy and Mentoring Today, this piece explores life before, during and after contact with the DC Juvenile Justice system. Through poetry, prose and interactive storytelling, this play shares the heart of those who travel through the system – and how the system is regaining its heart. 
Juvenile Justice 


Express Tour 2009 Tour Schedule

In 2009 the Express Tour will visit over 40 different schools, theaters, community centers, hospitals and retirement homes in less than five weeks!


Week One, April 11-18: 



Week Two, April 19 - 25:




Week Three, April 26 - May 2:



Week Four,  May 3 - May 9:

  • Express Tour Showcase at GALA Hispanic Theatre
  • Boys and Girls Club, Silver Spring
  • Kelly Miller Middle School
  • Ferebee-Hope Elementary School
  • Harriet Tubman Elementary School
  • Oak Hill Juvenile Detention Center
  • New Beginnings at Oak Hill
  • DCAYA 


Week Five, May 10 - 16:


Express Tour 2009 Photo Albums

On May 6-9, 2009 Young Playwrights’ Theater presented the Express Tour Showcase.

There are separate photo albums for each play.  Click on the image to view details for any photo. You can also view all of our photo albums on our main photo page



Express Tour Showcase 2009 


Express Tour 2009 Videos

Express Tour Recap


Mom and Mr. Nachos


By Luis Hernandez


The 2008 Express Tour Plays

The following plays were performed in the Spring 2008 Tour. Each was written by a student in YPT’s


In-School Playwriting Program:





The True Power of Friendship


by Jane Stirling


Bow-wow needs a friend. Perhaps Witch Long Nose who lives deep in the forest can help?  Centaurs and vampire bats round out the cast as a dog and a witch go on an adventure to find the true power of friendship.  



The Truth Behind the Hare vs. the Tortoise


by Sandra Villegas


What really happened on that fateful day?  This fresh take on the famous Aesop fable was penned by a student with a strong ear for modern dialogue and a deeply held sense of justice.  Join Snail, Squirrel, Skunk and Deer in cheering for your favorite racer.



Love What!? No!? Me a 10 Year Old?! What? Uh-oh!!


by Mayra Rivera


Jacqueline is confused about her new friend, Brian. Some people think he’s....well, stinky.  Is it worth sacrificing her favorite doll to keep people from calling him her boyfriend?


Express Tour Schedule Spring 2008

In 2008 the Express Tour visited over 35 different schools, community centers, hospitals and retirement homes in less than five weeks!

Week One, April 7 - 11: 


Week Two, April 14 - 18:

  • Express Tour Showcase At GALA Hispanic Theatre
  • Kelly Miller Middle School
  • Clara Muhammad School
  • Sitar Arts Center
  • Fillmore Arts Center
  • Pine Crest Elementary School
  • Patricia R. Harris Educational Center
  • Strathmore Elementary School

Week Three, April 21 - 25:


Week Four, April 28 - May 2:


Week Five, May 5 - 9:


2008 Express Tour Photo Albums
The slideshows below feature pictures from YPT’s 2008 Express Tour.  Pictures are organized by show.

To see all of YPT’s interactive photo albums visit our main photo page.

Photos by Liz Lynch.

The Cast





Suzanne Edgar
Ricardo Evans 
Sonia Justl
Wendy Nogales
Karen Novack
Fernando Romero


Spring 2008 Express Tour Video Interview

Watch video from YPT’s Spring 2008

Express Tour!

Interview with Sandra Villegas, Playwright of The Truth Behind the Hare Vs. The Tortoise 


The 2007 Express Tour Plays

The following plays were featured in the Spring 2007 Express Tour.  Future tours may feature these and other plays.  All plays were written by students in YPT’s programs.

Magnet Dude by
Magnet Dude has a secret --- metal terrifies him! When a super villain seeks to exploit this weakness, he must face the fact that even superheroes need a little help from their friends. What happens next? Find out in our first play, Magnet Dude, by Kyrtham Franco. Playwright Kyrtham Franco is in the sixth grade at Capitol City Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.


True Friends by Clare Mari Rock



When two girls turn against their “know it all” friend Emily, they learn a valuable lesson about life, family and what it means to really be a true friend. Clare Mari Rock is in the sixth grade at Francis Scott Key Elementary in Washington, D.C.


The Enemy Attacks! by Julia Margrit Winkler
What happens when the broccoli is tired of being the most ignored vegetable on the party platter? This imaginative play "dips" into the inner lives of vegetables and...humanity...with hilarious and wise outcomes! Julia Margrit Winkler is in the fifth grade at the Francis Scott Key Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

All’s Fair in Love and War by


Irene Wu

A long time ago, in a faraway land…when Arina, a beautiful and talented young woman, is handpicked by the Queen to be her new bodyguard, the Prince can’t believe that a girl is responsible for protecting his mother from harm. In this funny and smart play on girl power, the Kingdom (and the Prince) learn that a woman can do everything a man can do and that, in the end, all’s fair in love and war. Irene Wu is a junior at Wilson High School in Washington, D.C.

Who’s the Big Bad Wolf? by


Christian Blanco

When Brian draws pictures of his step-dad that look like a wolf, his teachers think he’s joking. Little do they know that when Brian’s step-dad gets angry, he transforms from a regular man into a full-blown werewolf. This dynamic and fantastical play shows us how one student can use his imagination to overcome anything. Christian Blanco is a junior at Bell Multicultural High School in Columbia Heights.


Photo Album
The slideshow below features pictures from YPT’s 2007 Express Tour.  To see all of YPT’s interactive photo albums