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Dedicated Donors

Here we highlight the generous people who help make our work possible, our donors. Read below to find out more about who they are and why they choose to give to YPT.

Alicia Dick
Dedicated Donor, May 2017

As we close out the 2016-2017 performance season, we are reminded how vital the support of our donors is to the continued success of Young Playwrights' Theater. We were delighted to chat with YPT Board member and donor Alicia Dick. Alicia talks about why she loves YPT, why she gives, and why she decided to become a YPT Builder.

Amelia Stanley
Dedicated Donor, April 2017

 YPT could not do what we do without the support of our many amazing donors. From volunteering their time to contributing financially to cheering on our students in the audience, we are lucky to have such a wonderful community of support. Periodically, we like to feature our donors in a series we call Dedicated Donors. Over the next two months, we will feature all of the donors who give to YPT on a recurring basis. This month we are featuring Amelia Stanley! 

Sophia Lewin Adams
Dedicated Donor, December 2016

YPT could not do what we do without the support of our many amazing donors. From volunteering their time to contributing financially to cheering on our students, these incredible people keep YPT going and bring our work to life!

Periodically, we like to feature our donors in a series we call Dedicated DonorsThis month’s donor is: Sophia Lewin Adams!

Sophia is a beloved member of the YPT family, and recently became a monthly donor. We are delighted to share her story with you!


2016-2017 Donors

YPT is deeply grateful for all the amazing donors who are supporting our programming and performances this year. Without you, there would be no YPT.

For details on the giving levels listed below, click here!


Classroom Champion

Debra Lewin and Tim Adams
Walter Derengowski
Rita Rodriguez
Lisa and Alexander Wood



Anne Eigeman
Glenn Greene 
John Beyrle and
     Jocelyn Greene
Catherine Nagel
Julie Paller
Robert Pusey
Johnny Walker



Rupa Bhattacharyya
Ben-James Brown
Alicia Dick
Tammy Halevy
Laurence Platt and
     Clare Herington
Thomas Joseph
Karen Kok
Leland Larsen
Phylece Levally-Scheirich 
Essence Newhoff
Kareem Shaban
Albert Wat
Betsey Wood



Hugh Winkler and
     Sylvia Becker
Barbara Carr
Frank and Margaret Cervarich
Phillip Genera
John Goben
Marion and Patricia Goodyear
Virginia and John Hicks
Robert Hicks
Lee Hockstader
Janet Hoffman
Callie Kozlak
Daniel D. Kozlak
Mia Carre Long
Richard Martin
David and Dara Morenoff
Foulke Newlin
Patricia Richards
Darnell Roulhac
Caroline and
     Geoffrey Griswold-Short
Patricia Weiss
Evan and Jessica Wisser
Karen Zacarías



Nana Adu-Krow 
Russell Stevenson and Margaret Axtell
Isabelle Badoux
Tom Ballinger
Maura McGuire and 
     Michael Beauregard
Linley and Lesley Beckbridge
Kerry Benton
Jan and James Bergeron
Howard Bernstein
Alison Beyrle
George Bozzini
David D. Bruton
Sue Carr

Fayshawn Caston
Jonathan and Laura Chace
Duncan Chaplin
Cino Chegia
Louis and Bonnie Cohen
Benjamin and
     Johanna Collins-Wood
Bo Pham and Catherine Crum
Paul Curthoys
Avril David
Mary Ann de Barbieri 
Karen Doherty
Thomas Holzman and
     Alison Drucker
Elizabeth Duncan
Suzanne Edgar
Victoria Elliott
James and Janice Feather
Pedro Ferreira

Hugene Fields
Miriam Gonzales and 
     Michael Fitzpatrick
Vickie Gilliland
Norma Greene
Joseph and Merna Guttentag
Jeff and Koleen Hall
Barbara Hall
James E. and
     Andrea Warren Hamos
Justin Heipp
Jack and Jean Marie Hill
Marney Cheek and
     Bruce Hirsch
Kathryn Hoffman
Ricardo and 
Likza Iglesias
Holger Illi
Tonya James
Arturo Lichauco
Khurrum Maqbool
Adam Marson
Lynne Maxwell
Charles McMahon
Rebecca D. Miller
Hazel Moore
Donna Murphy
Lynn Muto
Mike Nehmer
Carmine James Spellane and 
     Susan Noon
Amy Oberholtzer
Cheryl Swannack and
     Nancy Polikoff
Amanda Demczuk and  
     Aaron Pollon
Richard Pribnow
Margarita Prieto
Ann Blackman and
     Michael Putzel
Egan Reich
Rachel Cervarich and
     Michael Ricci
Linda Richmond
Edwin Martinez and Reyna Rios
Margaret Rohr
Sarah Rohr
Brandon Rule
Kevin Ruth
Amy Minert and
     Andrew Salunga
Julian Schmitz
Ed and Melissa Sedenka
Stephanie Shaffer
Patricia Sheehy
Anne and Mark Shields
Marlene Spigner
Chris Stacey
David Travis
Julie Upham
Margo Vickers
Will Wurzel
Tina Ziegler




Kathleen Akerley
Tracey Alperstein
Dale Stein and Dominic Ambrosi
Andrea Anderson
Nichole Anderson
Amy Austin
Mary Ball
Susan Wood and Barney Bauer
Kristi Baur
John Bavoso
Alexia Bayer
Dorothy Beauregard
KC Beauregard
Virginia Beck
Jayme Bell
Erik and Jill Harrison Berg
Kevin Bergeron
Ryan Bergeron
Mel Bieler
Aaron Bliden
Don and Bonnie Blottenberger
Dustin Blottenberger
Hannah Jacobson Blumenfeld
Charlotte Bolch
Victoria Boutin
Caitlin Bower
Theresa Brecker
Danny Cackley
Duncan Calladine
Nora Carrol
Diane Carter
Julia Carter
Katy Beth Cassell
Frank Cervarich
Gail and Sid Cervarich
Kathleen Chiarantona
Donald Clarke
Edwin Cleary
Sarah Currey
Aman Dhanda
Christine Draa
Deb Duncan
James Duncan
Julie Eisenberg
Semra Ergun
Sean Eustis
Madelyn Farris
Noah Ferentz
Mavis Fergus
Zachary Fernebok
James Finley
Deb Fiscella
Cori Fordham
Grace Freund
Catherine Frost
Anna Gaeckle
Susan Gallucci
Todd Garrison
Lisa Gilliland
David Gilliland
James and Carolyn Gilliland
Jeff Gilliland
Kathleen and Wesley Girvin
Ross Godwin
Kathleen Golden
Jennifer Goldsmith
Alexandra Grusell
Katrina and David Grusell
Megan Hadley
J. Robert Halgren
Michael Hall
Jerad Hanson
Liza Harbison
Diane Harris
Christina Harvey
William Healy
Emma Lou Hebert
Melissa Hmelnicky
Betsy Hoover
Toby Horn
Maria Horos
Jane Horstmann
Joel Horwich
Alexandria Huttinger
Graziella Jackson
Andrew Johansen
Kristen Johansen
Matthew Johnson
Ernie Joselovitz
Lauren Joy
Patti Kalil
Mitchell and Margot Keamy
Adrienne Keamy
Brendan Kennedy
Sharon King
Madonna Kinne
Cindy and Rick Kipp
Nicholas Klagge
Stephanie Klodzen
Elaine Kloser
Nancy Knapp
Jennifer Knight
Denise Konigsfeld
Katie Konigsfeld
Brian Kozel
Kellie Kozel
Thomas Kozel
Glenn and Noreen Kozeluh
Anne Kozlak
Daniel and Corrine Kozlak
Tom Kozlak
Barbara Berlin and Peter Kraich
Jeffrey Krummel
Emily Kuller
Hannah Lantos
Joanne Chace and Julie Lawrence
Paul Lechtenberg
Charlotte Lee
Scott and Kim Leighty
Mitch Lerner
Hugh Lester
Sophia Lewin Adams 
Wendy Lipshultz
David Liu
Halley Lopez
Patrick Lord
Janelle Lubomirski
Kaiya Lyons
Bridget Maloney
Rebecca Maloney
Aaron Mandel
Robert Manzo
Kate Maxwell
Laurie Ascoli and Ryan Maxwell
David Maycotte
Patricia Mayernik
Lauren Mazlin
Rachael McGarry
Louise Meng
Rachel Menyuk
Joshua Midgett
Claire Miller
Kathleen Millspaugh
Margaret Milroy
Christopher Montgomery
Leigh Mosley
Andrea Mullen
Kelsey Murphy
Paul Murray
Ariana Nash
Adrienne Nelson
Kim and David Nelson
Charlotte Nugent
Bridget O’Donnell
Kathleen O’Donnell
Katherine Offutt
Laura Olsen
David Olson
Ilana Ostrin
Jon Paasch
Robin Parker
Masha Pastuhov Pastein
Amanda Patterson
Tanya Penny
Brian Philips
Natalie Piegari
Lori Pitts
Caroline Pleasant
Brian Rea
Paul Reed
Megan Reichelt
Victoria Reinsel
Erin Richmond
Jonah Richmond
Anna Riehle
Mark Roberts
Robyn Rockwell
Jake and Casey Ehrlich Rollow
Sadie Leigh Rothman
Steven Rothstein
Theresa Rowell
Danielle Rutkowski
Marlene Ryan
Amy Schendel
Dylan Schwabe
Lydia Schwartz
Chetan Sharma
Theresa Slivka
Matthew Sparacino
Amelia Stanley
Christopher D. Strader
Larry Strauss
Matt Strote
Tiana Struble
Bradley Struble
Emily Sucher
Christian Sullivan
Vanessa Tesoriero
Lisa Tigges
Shannon Toole
Amy Triplett
Vanessa Strickland and Bryan Twomey
Matt Van Etten
Prasanna Vasudevan
Laura Vichick
Susan Wagner
Christie Walser
Carol Warren
Amanda Webster
Ryan White
Nicholas Wilby
Sarah Wilby
Maggie Erwin Wilder
Toni Wilson
Nathan Wolfson
Bridget Woodbury
Laura Worby
Jennifer Wrenn
Gabriella Yacyk
Steven Yenzer
Eli Zinman
Russell Zung



2017 Giving Voice Award Gala Supporters

Debra Lewin and
   Timothy Adams
Amy Austin
Mary Ball
Howard Bernstein
Alison Beyrle
Ruthanne Buck
Maureen Burke
Mia Carre Long
Margaret and Frank Cervarich
Catherine Crum
Avril David
Aman Dhanda
Alicia Dick
Mark Dickas
Karen Doherty
Joseph Ducatman
Suzanne Edgar
Anne Eigeman
Julie Eisenberg
Hugene Fields
Susan Galluci
John Goben
Glenn Greene
Norma Greene
Tammy Halevy
Justin and Jenny Heipp
John and Virginia Hicks
Bobby Hicks
Leonard and Alison Hockstader
Maria Horos
Tonya James
Matthew Johnson
Emily Kavanaugh
Adrienne Keamy
Lara Kinne
Karen Kok
Callie Kozlak
Kinga Krisko
Amore Langstaff
Paul Lechtenberg
Paul Lobo
Mia Carre Long
Charles and Maria McMahon
Rebecca Miller
James Murphy
Paul Murray
Catherine Nagel
Stephenson Ohimor
Julie Paller
Tanya Penny
Lori Pitts
Kierstin Quinsland
Rachel Cervarich and 
   Michael Ricci
Darnell Roulhac
Andrew and Maddie Salunga
Kareen Shaban
Stephanie Shaffer
Caroline and Geoffrey Short
Dylan Shwabe
Terri Slivka
Amy Triplett
Johnny Walker
Sarah Wisser
Lisa and Alex Wood
Betsy Wood


This list is current as of June 30, 2017. If you see any inaccuracies, please contact Jessica Wisser at