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Lyndsey Newsome
Promising Playwright February 2007

Lyndsey Newsome

Beneath her quiet, composed exterior, Lyndsey Newsome’s mind is busy churning out detailed scenes of unexpected comedy. “I’ve never been the type of girl to fit in. A lot of the kids at school bore me, so I just go into la la land and make stuff up.”
On stage in Lyndsey’s mental theatre: a small dog named “fatness” tormented by a stuffed squirrel named “Mr. Squeaker”; a Middle School Principal with connections to the mob who is brought down by his scheming students; a college admissions counselor on a magical adventure with a brownie.
Lyndsey’s latest creation, a play called Of Friends and Potheads was featured in the 2007 New Play Festival on February 12th. Of Friends and Potheads is a humorous and ultimately galvanizing tale of a high school student trying to hold onto her goals of a college education while her friends try to get her to join their perpetual party lifestyle.
“I was inspired to write about peer pressure because I was going through it. I stood my ground. After that experience I reflected on it. I want people to see that sometimes you can have friends who are trying to get you to do things that are just for their benefit. They’re not really your friends. You have to be careful of friends like that, “ says Lyndsey.
Lyndsey lives in Northeast DC with her family. She and her two older brothers would often compete to see who could create the best comic book, complete with original illustrations. Her oldest brother always won, but then again, he was also the judge.
Lyndsey hopes to attend Northeastern University in Boston. She also hopes that when her older brothers see her play at the New Play Festival, she might have the last laugh.