Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young
people to realize the power of their own voices.

Mayra Rivera
Promising Playwright, September 2008

"I like to express myself creatively," says Mayra Rivera, a twelfth grader at Bell Multicultural High School.
Mayra likes to draw, paint and create jewelry. "I try to find ways to see something different, rather than just a strand of beads," she says.
Mayra is also a gifted writer. Her play, Love What!? No!? Me a 10 Year Old?! What? Uh-oh!! was featured in last year’s Express Tour and seen by over 1000 people throughout the Washington area.  Children and adults were delighted by her original tale of Jaquelyn and her "friend" Stinky Brian.  She captured the discomfort, earnestness and hilarity of an elementary school love triangle.  
Mayra is planning to apply to become a part of theYoung Playwrights’ Workshop. "I’d like to write a book," she says. "I sometimes get discouraged, but I have so many ideas."
Mayra has great advice for other young writers: "Some people think that the fact that they’re young means that nobody will listen. Through YPT I learned that people do listen. Just express yourself and don’t care what other people say."