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Madison Leathers
Promising Playwright, May 2009

Madison Leathers is a ninth grader at Capital City Public Charter School. She is a member of the Young Playwrights’ Workshop, participating in both the Tuesday acting sessions and the Wednesday playwriting group.

She lives with her mom, dad, and little brother in Northeast DC, in the neighborhood of Woodbridge. She enjoys softball, skateboarding and playing the piano, violin and guitar. She has been playing the acoustic guitar since she was in the 5th grade and plans to use her stipend from the workshop to buy an electric guitar. "I need it for my band Romeo is Dead," she says. The rock group has five members and plays both original songs and cover songs. Madison co-wrote their song Just Walk Away with band member Melissa Paiz. 
In a few years Madison hopes to attend either Berkeley or NYU to study writing, music or forensic science. 
Her writing was featured at the April 20th New Writers Now! Theater of the Next Generation. "My parents were impressed. They really liked it," Madison said. "They not only liked that my writing was in it, but also the questions that the evening raised."
The following monologue by Madison was featured at the evening performance on April 20th:
I don’t want to live my life staring at a screen.  I want to feel theater and the presence of people all around me. I want to see their emotions, hear the laughter and live it up.  I want what I am looking at to connect with me and I want to know who and what I’m dealing with. I want to cry and for someone to understand why. Theater doesn’t happen on a screen. Theater happens all around me: in my mind, in my book, in the ear buds of my Ipod. Theater happens in my room when I’m doing a one woman play of Romeo and Juliet. Theater is in my amp when I am thrashing out on my guitar. My theater is in my eyes, in my smile, on the sidewalk when I see the coolest dressed lady walking by. Theater is in my pen when I write a song, poem or am working on a story. 
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