Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young
people to realize the power of their own voices.

Heidy Lovo
Promising Playwright, June 2009

"I didn’t know that I could stand on a stage and express myself.  Now I know that I can, and I want to keep on doing it."
       - Heidy Lovo

Heidy spoke these words on Monday June 8th as she stood on the stage at GALA Hispanic Theatre, having just performed an original monologue as part of New Writers Now! Her piece explored miscommunication in an elementary school classroom between a recent immigrant and his schoolteacher. Inspired by John Leguizamo, Heidy transformed a memory from her own past into a hilarious performance, playing multiple roles and speaking in English and Spanish. 

Heidy is unafraid to try new and often wacky things, and though she has multiple family obligations and a lot of school work, she makes it a point not to miss her sessions with the Young Playwrights’ Workshop.  
"Young Playwrights’ Theater is a place where I can express myself. I found a family here. I found support I don’t always feel like I have in other places. I feel like they are with me," Heidy says.
Heidy will continue to work with YPT over the summer, lending her distinctive voice to a piece about gang violence. She is also passionate about helping the environment, and has a summer job with Casey Trees. Next year she hopes to be the first person in her extended family to graduate high school.
"I know my family has a lot of stress. It is hard to care for seven children," Heidy says. "But I know I will pay them back with honor and pride. I am a person who will stress, but I always make it through." Her dark eyes are shining now and you can tell she is speaking from her heart. "I will always find time to do what I love."

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