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Kalia Snowden
Promising Playwright, February 2010

"I was excited. I just kept being like ’Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Oh,’" says Kalia Snowden of the moment she learned that her play was chosen to be part of YPT’s New Play Festival. "I had a wowzer moment," she says.
Kalia is in the 9th grade at Wilson High School. She lives in Adams Morgan with her grandmother and brother.
Her play 3434 depicts a futuristic world in which science has rendered women and girls unnecessary and illegal.  "Usually, I’m the actress not the playwright. I was just thinking about the most snooty role, to the point that there’s no arguing that you’re the star," she explains. "Then I was like, ’What if I was the only girl in the play? What if I was the only girl in the WORLD?’"
Kalia’s play impressed the YPT reading committee with its emotional depth and creativity. 3434 will be produced, along with seven other plays at YPT’s New Play Festival in April. "I hope people who see my play come away thinking we need chicks," Kalia says. "Without chicks the whole world goes downhill. We are better and you need us."
Kalia feels she is most creative when she’s given a chance to express herself without being assigned a topic. "I don’t enjoy any type of art ever where they give you a topic. You can’t tell me to paint a picture of an apple because now it has to be an apple," she says. She is inspired by other writers and enjoys crafting fan fiction around her favorite manga series Naruto.  "There’s this story that I started at camp, and I have it on this website for my friends to read. I’m not letting anyone else read it till it’s done. I post updates sometimes and my friends are all excited."
Kalia counsels other potential playwrights, "Just find your inspiration and go. If you find that inspiration, you need to just go with it, even if it’s 3 AM on the day it’s due."

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