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Paul McCoyer
Promising Playwright, March 2011

"I really like making money," says Paul McCoyer sheepishly. "I wanted to write about something that could happen in real life, something that was also kind of interesting and a little funny."


Paul’s slapstick satire Money, Money, Money  will be performed at the New Play Festival on April 11. In the play, two friends, Jack and Renaldo, start a lemonade stand together, but are driven apart by greed and a series of hilarious circumstances. Paul based the character of Jack on himself and Renaldo on a friend of the same name. "I think Renaldo’s kind of happy to be in my play," Paul explains with a smile. "He’ll be a little bit famous."


Like his characters, Paul has had a few odd jobs to make money, including delivering Christmas trees for his school. "I pulled them on a wagon and delivered them within one block of the school," he says proudly.


When he is not making money, Paul is a member of his school’s drama and drumming clubs. He also loves to read. "I mostly read fiction," he says. "I really like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series because I like the action and the parts about Greek mythology. I’m interested in Greek mythology."


Paul was excited to have the opportunity to create a story of his own when YPT came into his fifth grade classroom at Bancroft Elementary School. "I really like YPT. I think it’s because I like to write and YPT makes students write a lot."


Watch Paul share his thoughts on art and creativity, and be sure to see his play, Money, Money, Money on April 11! 


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