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Ann Gill
Promising Playwright, April 2011

"Creativity means being unique," explains seventh grader Ann Gill.

Ann is full of creative energy. In addition to playing drums in her church’s choir, cheerleading, and writing fictional stories on her own, she has just finished her first play, The Day After Bob Said, "Yeah, Right," which was selected to be performed as part of the New Play Festival on April 11.


"It’s about a boy named Bob who doesn’t want to do anything, and he doesn’t support his mother or anybody," Ann explains. "He just likes doing whatever he wants, like skating and stuff."


Ann wrote the play while in the sixth grade at Maya Angelou Public Charter School last spring, when she participated in YPT’s In School Playwriting Program. "I hope that when people see my play, they think it’s interesting and funny and that there is a reason behind it," she says. "The moral is to not be lazy, and do something with your life."


Ann already knows what she wants to do in hers.


"I want to be a fashion designer or do anything that has to do with fashion, like be a stylist or a fashion photographer," she shares. "For college I want to go to FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology], and I want to visit Italy because there is a lot of art and it looks pretty."      


Take a look at some of the drawings in Ann’s portfolio by clicking the picture below, and be sure to see her hilarious play, The Day After Bob Said, "Yeah, Right," on April 11!   



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