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Christina Sheler
Promising Playwright, May 2011

"Before you judge a person, get to know them because you might actually like them," says Christina Sheler, a senior at Benjamin Banneker Senior High School.  

Christina’s play, The Antistereotypical Dinner, is about a young interracial couple, Janae and Han, who decide to tell their families about their recent engagement -- and their three year relationship -- on the same day.  


"The first scene of the play is two households at the same time, so it’s like you’re watching two scenes at once," Christina explains. Janae’s African American family make a series of assumptions about her fiancé Han, who is Asian, just as his family prejudges her. "There is irony in my play, because when the families come together for dinner the parents realize that the stereotypes they had for each other were actually false." 


Christina was inspired to tell this story based on her own experience of interracial dating. "I’ve dated two Vietnamese guys, and I saw in a magazine that Asian male and black female is the least common interracial couple. I wanted to bring attention to that."


When she isn’t writing plays, Christina likes riding horses, drawing, painting, writing and performing her poetry, and playing the piano. She is looking forward to studying dentistry next year at Rutgers University.  


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