Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a student. How can I participate in YPT's programs?

If you want YPT to come to your school, ask your principal or teachers to contact us to set up an In-School, After-School, or Residency Program. We offer after-school programming at Sitar Arts Center for grades 4-8, and our on-site student ensemble, The Young Playwrights' Workshop, is available to students in grades 8-12. 

I'm a teacher. Can I use YPT's curriculum?

You are welcome to implement the example lesson plans available on this site. We recommend that you ask your principal or superintendent to bring us in to provide you with a series of professional development workshops. These workshops will prepare you with lesson plans and activities to implement aspects of our language arts curriculum on your own. If you use a YPT lesson, we do ask that you cite us as the source of your material. 

I'm a principal/teacher. How can I bring YPT to my classroom?

If you are interested in the In-School or After-School Programs, contact our Program Manager, Thembi Duncan, at 202-387-9173 or via email.

How can I get my child involved?

Ask your student's principal or teacher to contact YPT and bring us into their classroom or look for our latest information on our private classes and camp offerings here on the site. You can also always call us at 202-387-9173 for more information.

Does YPT need volunteers?

YPT relies on volunteers throughout the year. Volunteers with daytime availability volunteer regularly in the office or the classroom. Volunteers with school or work commitments during the day participate in evening volunteer events throughout the year, to prepare major mailings and classroom supplies, as well as providing support for fundraisers and performances. Contact Laura Wood, Community Engagement Associate, at 202-387-9173 or email to find out about current volunteer opportunities.

When and where can I see a YPT performance?

Call us to find out the specific schedule of times, dates and locations, or to see what's coming up next.

I'm an actor, how can I perform in a YPT play?

Send us your resume by email or mail 2437 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009. If we would like you to audition, we will contact you.

I work with a theater, how can we collaborate with YPT?

Contact Thembi Duncan via email or 202-387-9173 to talk about the possibilities. If you would like to set up an ad swap, please email Communication Associate Teshonne Powell.